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Resurfaced Clip Of Biden Comforting Parkland Victim's Son Has People Understandably Choked Up


A clip of Joe Biden from 2018 has resurfaced online and has reminded many of how pleasant it is to have a leader with a caring soul.

The video is from the aftermath of the shooting at Parkland High School. In it, Biden, who arrived to speak at the gathering, greeted Debbi Hixon, the widow of Coach Chris Hixon who died while defending students from the shooter.

As Biden turns away to give his speech, Hixon's son, Corey, runs up to the Vice President, taking him by surprise.

In a touching moment, Biden embraces the young man, telling him:

"Thank you for hugging me. You ok? You'll be ok. We'll be ok."

The video went viral on Twitter, where many users found themselves moved by the emotional moment.

Very few people could imagine President Trump displaying this level of caring.

Many online longed for a President who was able to express their kindness and love.

Just weeks before the election, this video of Biden acting Presidential likely made a difference in the mind of some undecided voters.

Biden's supporters quickly amplified the video to make sure everyone saw their candidate!

Though Donald Trump has done nothing to curb gun violence since the Parkland shootings, Vice President Biden is hoping this video will help him enter office and make a difference.