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Woman Slammed After Trying To Shame Young Person With A 'Humility Lesson' For Trying To Network With Her

Woman Slammed After Trying To Shame Young Person With A 'Humility Lesson' For Trying To Network With Her

Finding a job in this modern world can be pretty tough.

One jobseeker did what they must have thought would be a responsible step towards finding work.

They sent an email to a woman who ran a local job bank asking to be forwarded contacts who may be looking for workers.

Though the story original broke in 2014, the job bank woman's response has once again gone viral on Reddit due to its incredible cruelty and callousness.

It truly must be seen to be believed.



The message was posted to the subReddit Trashy along with an image of the woman.

After facing a backlash, the woman even had to give back her 2013 Communicator of the Year Award from the IABC Cleveland Chapter board of directors. Ouch.

Whispers_of_Eggplant hopes she lives to regret her misplaced rage.

"Yknow, as a kid I was always cautioned to be wary of what I posted on the internet, because it never truly goes away.
Too bad no one ever told this lady."

MyrddraalWithGlasses could think of about 200 better ways to handle the job-seeker's inquiry.

"You don't even have to say anything. You can just deny the request and that's it."

Volkskunde knew the email would come back to haunt this lady.

"Now she is immortalized and not in a way she will enjoy."

ricardoalonzo couldn't agree more.

"She is awarded no points and may god have mercy on her soul."

disposablereggit took some pleasure in the fact that the woman's carefully crafted contacts were about to get left by the wayside.

"I enjoy that if you google 'cleveland job bank' then you get nothing but articles on her email. Talk about hurting your brand."

bbmn91 sent the woman's own words back to teach her a lesson.

"Hope she enjoyed her humility lesson for that year."

blue4029 couldn't understand what the point of her job bank was if not to help people find jobs?

"soo...she has a business that helps other people find and seek out jobs and then denies people the access to use it for seeking out jobs?"

Akkuron seconded the same concern.

"Isn't that the entire point of a 'job bank' or whatever she calls it? I'm not familiar with the term, but uhm, what else could people possibly want from someone whose entire purpose is providing contacts to job-seekers?"

Imnotsureimright wondered how the woman put together HER contact list.

"I would bet that her magical 960 connections are just the result of her searching for people in hiring roles at various local companies and sending them connect requests EXACTLY like what the person she replied to is doing. They probably saw her request and thought 'she runs some sort of employment service, I'm in a hiring role, sure why not accept her.'
It's not like the people on her list are some sort of secret society, they have at least some public info about them available to anyone with a LinkedIn account. She clearly doesn't know that connecting to someone on LinkedIn isn't some sort of special status that accrues you benefits available to no one else."

username4333 thought maybe the email was some sort of mean joke?

"I don't understand, if this is the way things work, why would she get so upset when someone messages her? Does she respond to everyone like that? That would actually be pretty funny if it were just copypasta"

Pinglenook could ALMOST see where she was coming from...but not quite.

"She doesn't want to share her connections for free, she wants people to pay for it, because that's what her job is. That's fair. It's her LinkedIn, she can refuse to add whoever she likes.
Posting this whole public rant is something else entirely, though! If I were one of her important connections I'd nope the f*** out."

thebrownesteye is sick of people treating jobs like some magical favor afforded to only the lucky few.

"Looking for a job? Looks like all u want is the money we are offering for our position. Get lost"

OV3NBVK3D summed up people's thoughts pretty well.

"We are entitled. To basic respect and professionalism. They think we want somebody to line our pockets and take care of all our problems lol"