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GOP Rep. Jim Jordan Blasted Over His Tone-Deaf Criticism Of Proposed Stimulus Payments

Tom Williams-Pool/Getty Images

Republican Congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio became the target of excessive online ridicule this past Monday, February 1, after tweeting out "paychecks are the best stimulus checks" in response to the ongoing pandemic stimulus negotiations.

The Biden administration has proposed a $1.9 trillion stimulus plan which many Republicans in Congress oppose.

Senate Republicans have proposed a plan less than a third of that size.

Many online reminded Jordan that "paychecks" weren't an option for the many Americans out of work due to the virus.

Others pointed out the role Jordan himself had in the prolongation of the virus which made these stimulus plans necessary.

Jordan isn't going to make any new fans with his attempt at wit.

Jordan's own paycheck was also on many Twitter users' minds.

With many Americans suffering due to the economic fallout caused by the pandemic, many Americans need a lot more help from lawmakers than attempted jokes on Twitter.