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TikToker Withdraws Job Application For Six-Figure Salary After Interviewer Demands She Dye Her Hair

TikToker @adminandeve explained why she withdrew her job application from a six-figure position after spotting numerous red flags from the interviewer, including requests to color her hair and cover up tattoos.

Splitscreen of shots from @adminaneve's TikTok video

A TikToker on a job hunt demonstrated that job interviews are as much of a vetting process for the applicant as it is for the representative of a company.

In a viral video, TikToker @adminandeve–who shares her work-related wisdom and job-hunting experiences on the platform–said she rescinded her candidacy for a job that offered a six-figure salary after she spotted a number of red flags, including a request to dye her hair.

In her “Day 22 of aggressively looking for a new job” video, Eve said she was initially excited at the prospect of working at a finance firm that offered a salary range of $150,000 to $180,000.

“It’s five days in the office, but for that money I will bark."

But she put on the brakes after discovering a requirement she was not quite onboard for.

"The only problem is they would want me to dye my hair for the job, and I’m really struggling with changing myself for a job when I know that my work is really good.”

Eve has split-colored hair–meaning one side of her hair is a different color on the opposite side.

TikTokers commenting on the video at the time suggested she use a temporary spray as a solution for the sake of the job interview–which she entertained.


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But in a follow-up clip, it turns out the compromise was not worth it.

She stitched the former clip to a new one in which she said she explained why she didn't pursue getting the position with the prospective employer.

"First of all they just laid it on me that they there are 2 jobs at the firm, and that the job that I'm interviewing for is not the 150 to 180k base.
"It's 110 to 120–in which I'm also interviewing with 3 other places who are offering that and are not requiring me to dye my hair."

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Eve also mentioned how "outwardly, blatantly" rude the interviewers were.

Instead of asking questions pertaining to who she was and what her relevant experiences were, they were only interested in knowing why she left each role in the last three or four years because they were shorter stints than the rest of her career.

She spelled it out for them, saying:

“Ummm hi, COVID. Everybody’s getting laid off."

Eve also said the job interviewers gave her the "literal side eye" upon learning that Eve was a business owner and that the previous company she worked for admired her for it.

After the interviewers repeatedly muted her to talk to each other, Eve said she had enough and decided this company was not the right fit for her.

The clip ended with her flipping off the camera with both hands.

TikTokers weighed in with their thoughts.





Others were stuck on the hair situation.





Others took more issue over the interviewers silencing Eve.



Eve later reminded followers with a PSA, asserting that:

"If you have to change absolutely anything about yourself, to be able to interview at a company let alone be allowed to work there, it's already not a good fit, and you're not going to enjoy working there."
"No amount of money is gonna make a job culture a fit. Culture matters."