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Interracial Couple's Cringey Engagement Photoshoot In A Cotton Field Has People Facepalming Hard

alvarez/Getty Images

The last thing you want from your engagement photos is for them to go viral—for all the wrong reasons.

An unknown couple's engagement photos went viral when the couple were pictured in a cotton field. What's so weird about that, you may ask?

Well, one half of the couple is Black, and one of the photos shows him picking cotton and holding it up for the camera.

If you're still unaware why this is raising some eyebrows, allow us to look up some history for you:

When Black people were enslaved by the White population of the south, very often they were made to work in the cotton fields on southern plantations.

The picture also features her hand around his throat. Whether or not that gesture was intentional is unclear, but either way it is proving quite uncomfortable for many people.

Nobody is really clear where these photos came from in the first place, but this couple is being read to shreds across the internet.

Hopefully they had a good reason for this choice. And they are in a happy, healthy relationship.