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Instacart Sends TikToker A Colon Disease Test As 'Similar' Replacement For Sold Out Antigen Tests


It can be a bit of a let down when you have your heart set on purchasing a particular item and it's sold out.

Thanks to trusted Instacart, however, if the item is sold out you'll receive a similar item that will hopefully meet the same need.

In the age of COVID-19 and with the Omicron variant running rampant, at-home antigen tests are in high demand but in short supply.

So what's a suitable replacement for that nose swab?


Donna (@donnase5) was unlucky enough to find out first-hand how a similar item isn't necessarily an adequate replacement for what you were hoping to purchase.


This what we ordered from Instacart and they switched it for a Similar item.. or not#INSTACART #StepandFlex #k18hairflip #whatiorderedversuswhatigot #whatiorderedwhatigot #whatiorderedvswhatigot

In the fifteen second video, Donna shows what she should have received—a COVID-19 at-home antigen test kit.

What she actually received was two colon disease tests.

If there's a swab, it probably doesn’t go in the nose.

Several comments on TikTok tried to help find the silver lining in the situation.





Others tried to offer up their own, similar situations to show Donna she wasn't alone in her Instacart debacle.




The TikTok—which has approximately 1 million views, over 66,000 likes, and almost 600 comments—showed Donna holding up a picture of the at-home COVID-19 test she intended to receive versus the colon disease test that was actually delivered.

It's clear to a majority of viewers there are very few similarities that would qualify the latter test as a comparable swap for a COVID-19 test.

Text laid over the video read:

“This what we ordered from Instacart and they switched it for a similar item.. or not."

While Instacart may clearly articulate its replacement policy online—which asserts customers using the service have the ability to either find the best match, pick a specific replacement or opt for a refund instead—Donna maintained she was never prompted to select a similar item nor was a refund offered at the time the shopping took place.

Donna later mentioned in the comment section of the viral TikTok the American grocery delivery service later refunded her for the undesired item.

Even though Donna was refunded for the item, TikTokers debated the service's replacement policy.

Many declared the replacement feature should be disabled while others, claiming to be personal shoppers for the app, stated being a shopper is not as easy as it appears.




While people say it's the thought that counts, this ordeal proves there usually isn't a suitable replacement when it comes to receiving a specialized item you want.