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Karen Has Been Downgraded To A Tropical Depression That Could Fall Apart 'At Any Time', And The 'Karen' Jokes Write Themselves


We've all met a Karen.

Karen is a mess.

(Sorry real Karens, not you.)

A "Karen" walks into a low paying retail store demanding special treatment. Then, Karen is up in arms because someone put her in her place.

Or else, Karen got too drunk at brunch and now is invading everybody's space in the bar. There is always a Karen up to something.

So Tropical Storm Karen, who is now just a simple Tropical Depression, has big Karen shoes to fill, and so far she does not disappoint.

As Karen weakened from a storm to a normal old depression, her meme power became stronger and stronger.

Karen is one of the top ten names for girls born during the 1950s and 1960s.

That name has evolved into the manager-speaking, bleach-blond-dyeing, bob-cut-having "Karens" we are so familiar with today.

Karen completely fell apart as of 5 pm on Friday, proving once and for all that she was no true Karen, as most Karens live for Friday nights.

It's too bad Karen couldn't get it together.

Meanwhile, Hurricane Lorenzo is rapidly gaining speed and power and moving further and further east as hurricane season continues. So, though Karen fell apart, Lorenzo is likely to unleash some hell upon Europe.

Let's hope that manager gets out here quickly.

To rehabilitate the Karen name, the book Karen: A True Story Told by Her Mother is available here.


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