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White Comedian Sparks Outrage For Racist Jokes Against Asian-American Comedian Who Introduced Him

White Comedian Sparks Outrage For Racist Jokes Against Asian-American Comedian Who Introduced Him

Comedian Peng Dang had the job of introducing fellow comedian Tony Hinchcliffe up onto the stage during a recent set in Austin, Texas.

But things went south amid the welcoming applause when Hinchcliffe opened his set by disparaging the very host who welcomed him to the stage.

Hinchcliffe—who is White—used a racial slur, called Dang a "filthy little f'king ch**k," and mocked him by talking in a stereotypical accent.

Coinciding with Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, Dang posted a video of Hinchcliffe's comments on Twitter.

Dang wrote in the caption:

"Last week in Austin, I got to bring up Tony Hinchcliffe. This is what he said. Happy Asian (AAPI) Heritage Month!"

The stand-up community was disgusted with the comic taking things too far with his blatant racism.

The clip Dang shared has so far amassed over 900K views on Twitter.

Writer and comedian Kath Barbadoro commented on the hypocrisy of the camaraderie among certain comedians.

"It's so funny that these type of guys always talk about the brotherhood of comedy and sh*t and then go up and sh*t all over somebody they're performing with?"
"Like the main problem is obviously the racism but talking about another comic like that is so f'king rude + hypocritical."

Comic Robin Tran wrote:

"Watch how sneaky some comedians are."
"They'll say I'm attacking other comedians by doing this, but it doesn't even occur to them that Tony Hinchcliffe was racist to ANOTHER COMEDIAN. But even the most woke people see "Asian" first and "comedian" second. Passive aggressive f'ks."

The backlash continued as others in the stand-up community weighed in on the humorless "bit."

Hinchcliffe is the host of Kill Tony—a podcast that originated in Los Angeles and relocated to Austin where it films at the music venue, Antone's.

The podcast's premise involves guest comics participating in a minute-long open-mic session and being subjected to a subsequent roasting by Hinchliffe and co-host Brian Redban.

The hosts also become targets, and the exchanges are—according to the Daily Dotnotorious for their often "misogynistic, racist, and homophobic" content.

The owner of the Creek and the Cave, a comedy club in Austin, said in a Facebook post Hinchcliffe was no longer opening for fellow comic Joe Rogan at an upcoming show.

No specific reason was given for his canceled engagement.