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Guy's Hilarious Spoof Of Olympic Gymnastics Commentators Is Truly A Thing Of Beauty

Guy's Hilarious Spoof Of Olympic Gymnastics Commentators Is Truly A Thing Of Beauty

Watching the feats of nimble gymnasts at the Tokyo Olympics can be exhilarating.

But lets' be honest here.

The hushed, solemn tones of commentators spouting technical terms named after former gymnasts, which casual viewers of the sport know nothing about—like the Yurchenko and the Tsukahara—can be a little pretentious.

That all changed when comedian and Hollyoaks actor Joe Tracini mocked the confusing gymnastics terminology with his own twist on the art of commentating.

In a viral clip, the 33-year-old British comedian provided bonkers descriptions for Max Whitlock's fancy moves in his horizontal bar routine during the qualification round.

The internet was in stitches.

Tracini tweeted the clip and wrote in the caption:

"It's been an honour commenting the gymnastics today."

His ridiculous drivel began with:

"Max Whitlock on the curtain rail hoping for a full colon."

And that was just the beginning of more nonsense to come. Below are some of the highlights.

"Quilted wrists, folds like a crepe. Semi-detached bungalow. Cinnamon opinion"
"Ankles, oof. Luxury balloon, vol-au-vent and a custard cream."
"Nice hors d'oeuvre, let down by the biscuit."
"Fantastic composure on the dingus. Eskimo in a kayak. Buttery palm. Really, easing him into a lobster bisque."

Twitter users referred to their own "Code of Points" and gave Tracini's ridiculous commentary perfect scores.

In a brilliant twist, his penchant for verbal gymnastics got him a job as an actual commentator.

According to Metro, Tracini was contacted by Eurosport UK, and they are currently in talks with the comedian after his clip went viral.

He tweeted:

"Long story short, it's literally against the law for me to do more of these, because @discoveryplusUK own the UK rights to the Olympics."
"'So I'm delighted to be joining the team @Eurosport_UK tomorrow to LEGALLY TALK OVER THE OLYMPICS."

Tracini added:

"Just to clarify… This is an actual thing that's happening, & I'm partnering with Eurosport & Discovery+, they're the same family, and I'll be appearing across both platforms."