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Artist's Recreation Of 'Hey Arnold' As A Real Person Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

Nick Animation/Youtube and @marvelous_mikee/Instagram

As if getting older didn't ruin your childhood enough, artist Miguel Vasquez is ready to shatter the last of your precious memories with his terrifying real-life 3D renderings of classic animated characters.

Most of us who grew up during the 90s will probably remember Nickelodeon's animated series Hey Arnold!, but after this you are going to wish you didn't.

Since 2015 artist Miguel Vasquez has been ruining childhood memories and traumatizing his Instagram followers with his creepy, real-life 3D renderings of animated characters.

Recently Vasquez took on the spiky hair and football-shaped visage of Arnold Shortman from Hey Arnold!.

And in just one image the once lovable, misshapen character was turned into a deformed abomination of grotesque proportions.

What is seen cannot be unseen.

Miguel Vasquez/Instagram

Not satisfied with forever cursing the image of Arnold, Vasquez also included Arnold's best friend Gerald in his demonic campaign to ruin your childhood.

It's hard to look away from Vasquez's disturbingly hypnotic work, but you may require trauma counseling afterwards.

As incredible as the renderings are though it seems anyone with good sense just wants them to go back into the box.

But the nightmare doesn't stop there. Spongebob, Patrick, and Homer Simpson are just a few of the other characters in Vasquez's army of the damned.

More than anyone Vasquez knows just how unsettling his work is. But for him, that's part of the fun.

"I figured that Arnold's football shaped head would transition well from 2D to 3D," Miguel said in an interview with Buzzfeed about his recent work. "And provide a great laugh or shriek to those who loved the show back in the day!"

For more of Miguel's terrifying art you can follow him on Instagram or Twitter.

And if you want to get back your not at all creeped out love for Hey Arnold!, the ultimate collection is available here.

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