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Guy Who Was Caught Breaking Into Neighbor's Apartment Gives Cringey Excuse In Viral Video

Guy Who Was Caught Breaking Into Neighbor's Apartment Gives Cringey Excuse In Viral Video

There's a saying that goes, "Play stupid games, win stupid prizes,"—essentially meaning, if you willfully do something stupid or unlawful, there will be negative consequences.

For one miscreant, the consequences of trying to break into a neighbor's apartment was getting a serious whooping by the very neighbor who happened to be home at the time of the attempt.

A video of the confrontation was posted to the subReddit "WinStupidPrizes."

Titled, "Idiot tries breaking into his neighbor's apartment and gets caught red-handed and wins a prize," the clip showed the would-be-intruder seen through a peephole who was trying to pick the door's lock.

Audible clicks were heard as the man continued his attempt to unlock the door.

Finally, the resident who was filming the incident unlocked the door from the inside, quickly opened it, and straddled the spooked lock-picker who had fallen to the ground in response to the unexpected appearance.

"Dude, I wasn't doing anything, I promise," cried out the suspect.

The person filming asked:

"Why you trying to break into my crib, bro?"

The neighbor's excuse was:

"I was trying to figure out how to do it on my door. My door is f'ked up, so I had to try another door to do it on."

The eye-rolling response prompted the resident to repeatedly slap the neighbor silly, telling him:

"You didn't think I was home, did you?"

The guy cried out for him to stop and continued with his unbelievable excuses – to which the incredulous resident said:

"you were trying to break into my sh*t the whole time."

Eventually, the neighbor got to his feet and scrambled away from the slap-happy resident.

The comments on the thread weighed in with their various reactions to the ridiculous encounter.

"Ah i see! He was trying to break into another house in order to figure out how to properly break into his own house." – Yes2257

"Honestly, he was so committed to his bullshit that there was a second where I actually considered if he was really just testing it on another door."

"Then the dude smacked him again and I laughed. Guy is lucky all he got was a couple slaps." – SQUID_F'KER

"Worst excuse ever. It doesn't even remotely make sense and he just commits to it 100%." – MedricZ

"Dude he called you, remember dude?!" – 800rob

"I love the reasoning, 'I wasn't trying to break into your house, I was trying to figure out how to open my own door by opening yours. So what I was doing was figuring out how to break into my place by breaking into yours.'" – FelixDK1

"I absolutely love people getting slapped in videos like this. Best sound ever; doesn't permanently harm people (usually); hurts like f'king hell; and it makes them look like a weakass b*tch that isn't even worth the risk of a punch." – cluelessbox

"Call the cops but hold the deadbolt. Whatever tools he has isn't going to be as much force as a key, so if you keep the deadbolt locked, the dumba** isn't going to figure out how he's failing."

"Tell the dispatcher to have the cops come up quietly to cash him ousside, how bout dat." – DoverBoys

Hopefully, the dude was able to figure out how to get into his own apartment he claimed to have been locked out of.