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Grieving Mom Led Away From Courtroom In Handcuffs After Attacking Driver Who Fatally Struck Her 3 Children At School Bus Stop

The Indiana mother of three children killed in a car accident last year, attacked the defendant in court earlier this week.

After Alyssa Shepherd was sentenced to four years in prison, Brittany Ingle lunged at the defendant.

She was then escorted from the courtroom in handcuffs.

This all began a year ago, in a car crash that took the lives of three young children.

Mother of children has outburst in court

October 30, 2018, Shepherd approached a stopped school bus. Despite the extended, flashing stop sign from the bus, she did not stop and caused a crash.

The three children of Ingle, Alivia Stahl, 9, and twins Mason and Xzavier Ingle, 6, were killed in the collision. Another child, Maverik Lowe, 11, was critically injured and has had more than 20 surgeries trying to recover.

Shepherd claims she didn't realize she was approaching a school bus stop, but did say she saw flashing lights. She was convicted earlier this year on three counts of reckless homicide, criminal recklessness and passing a school bus, causing injury.

After all this, she was only sentenced to four years in prison, leading to Ingle's outburst in court.

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For her convictions, Shepherd was sentenced to four years in prison, three years of house arrest and three years of probation. Her driver license is suspended for ten years.

After the sentence, as Shepherd was being escorted out of the room, Ingle lunged at her, apparently making contact. She was pulled away and escorted out of the courthouse in handcuffs.

She has been charged with misdemeanor battery and was released from jail the following morning.

Ingle wasn't the only member of her family that wished for a harsher sentence.

Michael Schwab, the grandfather, told USA Today:

"We all feel as a family that the death of killing three children should have been a more stringent penalty, but we are glad she is going to get some time served."
"Children remain our greatest gift and if you're not going to hold people accountable when they get hurt, then we may as well just get rid of laws."

Ingle was kept overnight Wednesday after her arrest. She was reportedly kept on suicide watch during the night.

Her court date for the battery charge is set for January 7. She faces up to a year in jail and $5000 in fines.

The state of Indiana has increased penalties for drivers who illegally pass stopped school buses after this incident.

Shepherd and her attorney have declined to comment on this case.