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GOP Slammed Over 'Notorious ACB' Shirts After Trump's Nomination Of Amy Coney Barrett

GOP Slammed Over 'Notorious ACB' Shirts After Trump's Nomination Of Amy Coney Barrett
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Following the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, President Trump and fellow Republicans predictably ignored their own precedent from four years ago and nominated uber-conservative judge Amy Coney Barrett to fill RBG's seat on the Supreme Court.

During her lifetime, Ginsburg became an icon among liberals for her progressive victories and strongly-worded dissents. Her tireless efforts to bring equality into the law earned her the nickname "Notorious RBG."

Ginsburg's passing was heartbreaking to many. But that didn't stop the National Republican Senatorial Committee from stealing her nickname mere minutes after President Trump nominated her replacement.

On Twitter, Senate Republicans tried to sell "Notorious ACB" shirts, shamelessly using a play on Ruth Bader Ginsburg's nickname.

Ginbsburg's dying words were:

"My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed."

Twitter unanimously descended on the Senate GOP Twitter account, denouncing them for their disrespect.

Many online pointed out that RBG earned her nickname by fighting for the rights of the politically powerless.

Amy Coney Barrett has gained notoriety for her far-right conservative stances, including those on abortion, immigration, and healthcare.

Despite having denied former President Barack Obama's nomination eight months before the 2016 election, Republicans are determined to ram Barrett's nomination through with many states already voting on the next President.

To many conservatives, it seems "winning" and "owning the libs" is more important than any actual ideology.

Though Democratic voters have little power to stop Barrett's nomination, many of them plan on making their displeasure known during the November elections, when the Presidency and both houses of Congress hang in the balance.