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Mom Starts GoFundMe After Blaming Her First Grader's OCD On Learning Critical Race Theory

Mom Starts GoFundMe After Blaming Her First Grader's OCD On Learning Critical Race Theory
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A Tennessee mom has started a $5,000 GoFundMe for her child, whom she is claiming was afflicted with OCD because of learning Critical Race Theory (CRT).

The child is in 1st grade, not graduate school or law school where CRT is actually studied.

Robin Steenman—the chapter head of "Moms For Liberty" in Tennessee—claims a 1st grader was traumatized by learning the obscure graduate school theory that is not taught in and primary, middle or high school in any state in the USA.

Because of learning something in her school—that has never been taught in her school—Steenman wants money because the child now requires psychological help.

Steenman recently appeared on Glenn Beck's radio show to incite listeners further against CRT, which has become a new dog-whistle term for any conversation surrounding racism in history or present day. CRT has been pushed around conservative media ad nauseam for the past few months.

Steenman claimed to receive a letter from an unidentified mother who said her 7-year-old daughter started "coming home asking very pointed questions about who she is and if she is a bad person," for being White.

"She came home extremely upset. She told me 'Mom, I'm White. My friend is brown. I need to apologize to him for being White because White people have done bad things to people with brown skin.'"

She also claimed her child was able to recount events of the American Civil War "as if they had been there," though the Civil War is not usually introduced in the 1st grade—especially in Tennessee.

According to the Associated Press, pupils before the 5th grade in the USA usually are not given the Civil War as a part of their curriculum.

The GoFundMe has only reached $544 of its hopeful $5,000 goal.

The biggest donation is from Steenman herself.