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New York GOP Lawmaker Resigns After Saying Gay People Should Be Sent To An Island To Die Off

George E. Langdon IV for Town Councilman/Getty Images

Republican George Langdon IV, an Albany County legislator, resigned from office on Monday, April 5, after being caught on video saying gay people should be sent to an island where they would die off.

In the video, Langdon said everything "God does is sustainable" but homosexual relationships aren't "perpetual."

"Give them an island, they'll be gone after 40 years, OK? Because they can't—God created us to be this way."

Langdon resigned following a protest and the Albany County legislature's plans to censure him at an upcoming session—the first time the body would have censured one of its members.

Following his resignation, Langdon issued a statement saying:

"I again express my sincerest apologies to all those who were hurt by my rash and thoughtless statements."
"It was never my intention to single-out or target anyone. I truly believe every individual should have the right to life and liberty in their pursuit of happiness."

Langdon will be replaced in the Albany legislature by Democrat Rick Touchette.

LGBTQ+ communities on Twitter couldn't help but joke at Langdon's expense.

It seems there are still occasionally consequences for Republican politicians who get caught making bigoted statements.