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Johnny Galecki Hilariously Responds After Kaley Cuoco Implied Their Relationship Was 'Forgettable'

Johnny Galecki Hilariously Responds After Kaley Cuoco Implied Their Relationship Was 'Forgettable'
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Premiering in 2007, The Big Bang Theory featured a plot that hinged on one of the classic archetypes of sitcoms and movies—the daily conflicts and blunders of an underdog man trying to woo a young woman so sought after he's intimidated every step of the way.

The show, which ran for 12 seasons and scooped up plenty of awards, was distinct for its total embrace of technical science jokes, plethora of cameos and endless nerdy pop culture references.

The sitcom followed protagonist Leonard, a total nerd, as he attempted to win over the love of Penny, the young woman who moved in across the hall.

And while Leonard and Penny did eventually date on the show, so did the real-life actors portraying them: Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco.

Although the celebrity relationship lasted two years, it ultimately did come to an end.

But as Cuoco told BuzzFeed News, the two weathered the initial post-breakup storm:

"We got together and just fell mad for each other for about two years. But then we broke up. Luckily, Johnny and I came out of it so brilliantly. We are closer today than we ever were."

Most recently, an Instagram moment on Valentine's Day hammered home Cuoco and Galecki's continued friendship, BuzzFeed News reported.

Cuoco, as so many do on Valentine's Day, took a moment to publicly share how much she loved and adored her husband, Karl Cook.

In the caption, Cuoco attempted to paint Cook as her one and everything:

"I don't remember a moment before you entered my life. What a boring life that must have been. I love you!"
But in the comment section, Galecki posted some seriously efficient snarkiness, calling into question that "boring" life Cuoco spoke of.


People couldn't get enough of Galecki's one word response.






At the end of the day, it's nice to see a celebrity couple that powered through the thick and thin of continuing on-screen chemistry and the tabloid frenzy, and came out on the other side as silly as ever.