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Maine Man Takes Out Full-Page Ad To Criticize Sen. Susan Collins After She Called Him 'Rude'

Maine Man Takes Out Full-Page Ad To Criticize Sen. Susan Collins After She Called Him 'Rude'
Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Since the beginning of the Trump Administration, Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) has struggled to keep her centrism from veering into spinelessness.

Senator Collins dismissed concerns that then-Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh would be a danger to long-established access to safe and legal abortions.

Despite occasionally condemning the nastiest of Trump's rhetoric, her rebukes are rarely, if ever, followed up with action.

Now, one of her constituents—Erik Mercer—has taken out a full page ad in the Maine Sunday Telegram regarding his interaction with her while waiting to board a plane.

Read the full ad below.

Maine Sunday Telegram

Mercer describes a conversation in which he pressed her for positions on Kavanaugh, the President's rhetoric, impeachment and the ubiquity of foreign interventions in U.S. election.

According to Mercer, he and Senator Collins parted "agreeing to disagree," shortly before he overheard her lamenting that the a constituent was "rude."

The buyer of the ad was quick to address the comment.

"It was not my intention to be rude. It was my intention to have a thoughtful discussion across ideological lines. It was my intention to do the work of a democracy, but you were unwilling to participate in that."

That Collins would place more care on civility, rather than civics, seemed consistent with Collins's reputation as a Senator.

Some used the ad as an opportunity to donate to one of Collins's 2020 opponents, Maine Speaker of the House, Democratic State Representative Sara Gideon.

While Collins may try to remain middle-of-the road when it comes to her votes, her constituents are far less neutral when it comes to theirs. Her approval rating has hovered around 45% since her vote to confirm Kavanaugh—down from 78% in 2015.

Voters in Maine recently scheduled a town hall and invited the senior Senator to attend after asking for Collins to host one. Collins skipped the meeting with her constituents.

Senator Collins has yet to hold a town hall with the people of Maine in her career.

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