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Florida Teacher Placed On Leave After Racist Rant Aimed At Kids For Using Walking Path Caught On Video

NBC2 News/YouTube

Patricia Schmidt, a special education teacher based in Naples, Florida was placed on leave after a video of her terrorizing children using a walking path near her home went viral.

Schmidt has apparently been doing this consistently—terrorizing folks using the walking path near her home, specifically children, while also working as an Experimental Education Specialist, who helps identifies the needs of special needs students and provides experimental working environments for them.

The woman who recorded the rant and her children received several choice words from Schmidt, including the woman being called "White trash" and her children being called "half-breeds."

The expletive laiden beginning of the rant is difficult to decipher because of the amount of bleeping out done.

Neighbors say Schmidt has been doing this for years—acting as the de facto and extremely hostile guardian of the walking path in their neighborhood.

If unfamiliar faces cross the path, Schmidt takes a similar approach to talking to them as she did on this video, earning her the nickname "King's Lake Karen," after the neighborhood's name (King's Lake).

The Collier County School District, who employs Schmidt, placed her on temporary leave while they make a decision but have not yet commented on the situation.