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An anti-LGBTQ group in Boston calling themselves "Super Happy Fun America" is trying to undermine gay pride with their own straight pride parade in August.

As expected, it did not go over well, with men's grooming products AXE and actor Chris Evans denouncing the parade that will "advocate on behalf of the straight community."

A flag representing the homophobic movement first appeared in Canada in October 2018. The tacky black and white banner was derided then and is currently being mocked on social media.

The flag was introduced back into the public consciousness after talk of the straight pride parade circulated on the internet, but instead of fueling rage, it is being ripped to shreds with countless memes.

Introducing the latest target of mockery:

the straight pride flag.

Comparisons of the bland banner were drawn to the jumpsuits of cartoon crooks.

And one was compared to the frock of one who is not entirely cartoonish.

Homophobes, it's time to break free from the shackles and come out, amirite?

The position of the gender symbols is very questionable.

This freak flag is majorly flawed.

Hard pass!

The city of Boston has yet to issue a permit for the straight pride parade. However, Boston mayor Marty Walsh stated the city cannot "deny a permit based on an organization's values."

Adding further confusion to the loathsome pageant is Super Happy Fun America's appointing of Milo Yiannopoulos—a former Breitbart News editor who is gay—as its grand marshall.

Apparently, not everything is always black and white.

If you're a straight ally who supports equality, there is a pride flag for you!

File:Straight Ally flag.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Straight Ally flag

It's available here.

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