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First Krispy Kreme Opens In Ireland, Country Promptly Loses Its Mind

Photo by Philip Toscano/PA Images via Getty Images

We always knew that Krispy Kreme had the power to bring down nations. But little did we know just how accurate that statement would be.

A 24-hour iteration of the famous doughnut bakery opened its doors in Dublin, causing a mad rush for the treats that drove noise pollution levels up in the Irish capital.

Because of the chaos, the Krispy Kreme was forced to remove its 24-hour time window. According to Pedestrian, the drive-thru will reduce operation ours to 6am-11:30pm.

The public was highly amused at the chaos caused by all those Irish folk who were absolutely mad for a doughnut.

And most Irish people agree this is in keeping for the Dubliners who caused the ruckus.

Though, if there's anything in the world that's worth losing all rational thought and reasoning for, it's a doughnut.

We understand, Ireland.

H/T: Mashable, Pedestrian