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Dad Gives Powerful Explanation For Why Son's Unorthodox Lawn Mowing Technique Is 'Totally OK'

Dad Gives Powerful Explanation For Why Son's Unorthodox Lawn Mowing Technique Is 'Totally OK'

We live in a time where the ways we are used to doing things are rapidly breaking down and changing before our eyes. Former standard operating procedures no longer apply when it comes to moving forward as a society.

But this presents an opportunity that is not only not a bad thing, but that we can learn, grow, and change from.

B.A. Sheppard on his Instagram made this point through the lens of his son cutting the grass on his lawnmower.

Sheppard, smiling into the camera, says that while his son's method of getting the grass cut is what he would think of as unorthodox, he's in no place to judge.

"He's cutting the grass and zig zagging all over the place. And you know what?"
"It's perfectly fine. While I might have cut in a certain pattern, he's doing his thing in the way that he wants to do it."
"And it's totally okay. He is getting the grass cut."
"It may not be dad's way, but he's getting it done. And therein is the honor of the opportunity."

Sheppard notes the importance of allowing someone to learn by doing things their own way:

"As a young man, I don't need him doing things exactly the way I did it..."
"Right now, it seems like he's just cutting grass."
"But in my mind, because I know my son wants to be an engineer, I see his mind at work and I know that what he is producing now… it's going to help him in the future."

The importance of somebody learning to forge their own path is important.

When they are on their own without their parents, they'll know how to rely on themselves to problem-solve.

Sheppard, a consultant and coach, has a lot of content on his Instagram giving insightful thoughts about each moment in life and turning it into a learning moment.

The honor of the opportunity awaits you.