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Eric Trump Blasted After Praising Nonexistent Vaccine For Working 'Well' After His Dad 'Took' It

Win McNamee/Getty Images

During an appearance on ABC News this past Sunday, October 11, Eric Trump, the President's son, claimed Donald Trump was cured of the virus while at Walter Reed Medical Center through the use of "vaccines" Trump himself invented.

Pretty much every part of this statement was not only false, but also scientifically impossible, as Twitter was quick to point out.

In the clip, Eric Trump seemed almost completely disconnected from reality.

Needless to say, none of the Trumps hold a medical degree, but they have seemed more than willing to speak about medical issues with authority on television.

If anyone believes what Eric Trump said during that interview, they will be less safe for it.

Eric Trump once again showed how much he has learned from his father's tactic of lying to the press.

There is not yet a vaccine for the virus and, even once vaccines are finalized, it will be many months before they're able to achieve wide distribution throughout the country and the world.