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A Random Photo Of Emma Stone Eating A Chicken Pot Pie Is Sparking Some Hilarious Memes

A photo of Emma Stone smiling for the camera as she holds a forkful of chicken pot pie is the internet's favorite new meme.

Emma Stone
Amy Sussman/WireImage/GettyImages

A photo of Emma Stone eating a chicken pot pie has hilariously gone viral, and it was a strong indication that people tend to forget celebrities are people too.

The Academy Award-winning actor has recently been praised for her complex and impressive performance in Yorgos Lanthimos' 2023 film Poor Things.

But that's not why Stone has been recently appearing in everyone's news feed.

It all started with a post on X (formerly Twitter) from film journalist Rafa Sales Ross, who asked:

"Why would a photographer snap a picture of Emma Stone mid-chicken pie[?]"

Here is the post.

The image was snapped by photographer Todd Williamson at the 35th Annual Producers Guild Awards cocktail party on February 25.

You can't say she doesn't look stunning mid-feast.

In fact, social media users aspired to look as fabulous while doing mundane things like eating chicken pot pie and not caring.

People also found the impromptu scenario relatable.

Meanwhile, the photographer was given side eye for capturing the actor at a precisely inopportune moment.

The multi-talented "La La Land" actor wasn't the only thing looking fabulous for the camera.

Bon appétit, Emma.