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A Tweet From Elon Musk Will Be Used As Key Evidence In Upcoming Tesla Trial

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Elon Musk loves Twitter. But it looks like one of his Tweets could have him in some major legal trouble.

Last September, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) filed a complaint against Tesla, Inc. claiming that the innovative automotive company was intimidating and harassing union employees.

Employees from the Tesla plant in Fremont, California filed complaints with the NLRB in April 2017.

They claimed that employees who were handing out information about unionization were told by security to leave the premises. They also claimed that discussion about union activity were stifled and that they were forced to sign an "overly broad" confidentiality agreement "that coerces and intimidates employees from freely exercising their rights."

This summer, the case against Tesla was exacerbated when a report was filed claiming that Elon Musk met with workers from the Fremont plant telling them that the company would address their concerns if they dropped any plans to unionize.

It is against the National Labor Relations Act for an employer to "interfere with, restrain, or coerce employees".

As of this August, Musk has found himself and his company in even hotter water.

Last month, the NLRB pointed to one of Musk's Tweets as evidence of him interfering with the National Labor Relations Act.

Musk moved for the Tweet to be dismissed, but on Tuesday, a judge ruled that the Tweet will be permissible.

According the the NLRB, the Tweet threatens employees that they will lose stock options if they unionize.

A Tesla spokesperson rebutted their argument saying,

"Elon's tweet was simply a recognition of the fact that unlike Tesla, we're not aware of a single UAW [United Auto Workers]-represented automaker that provides stock options or restricted stock units to their production employees, and UAW organizers have consistently dismissed the value of Tesla equity as part of our compensation package."

Many people are rushing to the inventor's defense.

Others feel that Musk needs to stop campaigning against unionization.

Others can't believe his Tweet is the center of a court case.

The trial resumes on September 24.

H/T: Market Watch, Jalopnik

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