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TikToker Sparks Animal Cruelty Debate After Disastrous Attempt At Dyeing Her Dog's Fur Red

TikToker Sparks Animal Cruelty Debate After Disastrous Attempt At Dyeing Her Dog's Fur Red

It seems that the itch to dye our hair crazy colors that took root during the quarantine of 2020 has made its way to our furry friends.

The result of one TikToker's attempt to "add some color" to her dog's mane is sparking major debate.

TikTok user @isabeastly recently posted a video to her TikTok page documenting the aftermath of her attempt to dye her small wirehair terrier a shade of red.

It left her bathroom looking like the scene of a vicious crime.

And her dog extremely orange.


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In the video, the TikTok users bathroom walls, floor, bathtub and bathroom door have been marred by the bright hue of the hair dye.

The video, and a follow-up in which the dog's technicolor coat was revealed, have sparked major debate in the comments as to whether the practice of dyeing a dog's hair is actually a form of animal cruelty.





In the TikTok, which currently has 658,000 views, nearly 34,000 likes, and almost 1,000 comments, the evidence of @isabeastly's efforts were evident as her bathroom looks to have been marred by the hair dye debacle.

The newly-dyed dog was seen coming in and out of frame looking reminiscent of the iconic cartoon character, Clifford the Big Red Dog.

Text laid over the video reads:

"I saw some girl dye her dog on TikTok and I been wanting to dye my dog for a while."
"Omg my landlord going to take my deposit.”

Now, there are semipermanent dyes out there made specifically to give our furry friends a fresh, new look.

In fact, most major pet retail stores offer a wide selection in their stores and many grooming services offer coloration as an option for pet owners interested in revamping their pooch's color.

With that said, though, hair dye created for human hair should not be used on animals as some of the chemicals in the dye are especially harmful to our four-legged friends.


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While many displayed concern for the canine, many comments in the "reveal" video were complimentary of the dog's new look, with many even showing more interest in seeing an "after" photo of the bathroom where the dye job occurred.





One thing's for sure, that dog will certainly stop traffic.