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People Share The Dumbest Purchases They Have Ever Made

People Share The Dumbest Purchases They Have Ever Made

Ever experience buyer's remorse? I know I have. Impulsive, unnecessary, and overall stupid purchases can be the bane of anyone's bank account. But your's probably is nowhere near as bad as these Redditors.

u/victoriwnl asked: What are some dumb purchases you made?

15.College purchases are probably the worst ones.


So many unnecessary things early on in college. It was the first time I had some kind of income from working a part time job, so I thought it was absolutely necessary to buy all my textbooks instead of renting them or finding them online for free.

I also spent a f*ckton on dorm room stuff, which hardly anyone was going to see or care about since the dorms came furnished anyway. Lessons learned, I'd definitely pass on that advice to anyone going into college in the US.


14.RIP Megavideo. Gone but not forgotten.

Lifetime Megavideo subscription. It was shut down shortly afterwards for copyright infringement.


Well, you get what you paid for. It was just that it was for Megavideos lifetime, not yours.


13.Story checks out.


When I was 17 I had unknowingly saved up a lot $2,000 from work - I chose to spend this on a double neck guitar.


That's the most 17 year old with unexpected $2000 to blow purchase ever.


12.Always go for the BahnCard.

My first time in Germany, I was only there for a few months, so I thought "I don't need a BahnCard; I'm not here for a full year." Then I spent well over 1000€ on train tickets. The whole time I could have been saving 50% AND collecting loyalty points.


11.So did a lot of people.

Bought $50 worth of Beanie Babies because I thought they'd be worth something


Also bad - buying those plastic tag protectors, and an expensive giant case to display said Beanie Babies to keep them in pristine "collectible" condition.


10.Worth every cent.


Airplane WiFi. So I could be browsing AskReddit right now.


I've spent once 20 bucks on airplane wifi on a 12hour flight. Only for reddit. No regrets.


9.Big mistake.

Deciding to go to grad school in 2012 -5 years after graduating- for no other reason than "I have no clue what to do with my life".



I traded a rather rare volume into a local used book store because I had two of them. Then went back to the bookstore a month later and excitedly bought MY OWN BOOK BACK because it was rare and I didn't think I owned it.

I was wrong.




Spent over $100 or more buying clothes for my avatar on a virtual reality game when I could've spent it know, actual clothes.


I miss PlayStation Home too.


6.The things we do for love.

I commissioned an artist to paint a portrait of my then girlfriend's dying pet rat.

She had told me her rat was about to die a month before I got it. By the time it was ready, the relationship had ended and I didn't know what to do with it. I paid 90 for it and it was absolutely worth the price. Artist did an amazing job - I just didn't have anyone to give it to now.

I ended up giving it to her anyway. I regret doing that since I probably just made her feel guilty.

Thing is, I was fully aware we were about to break-up. I just liked her so much and I was totally alone in a new state. I didn't think I was good enough to earn her love - so I tried to buy it.

Real dumb.


5.A beautiful home.

A mobile home. Worse yet, I paid the down payment by credit. Stupidest thing I ever did. Then when I moved to another state I found that they are not actually very mobile.

It is a great expense and a lot trouble to move them. I wound up letting it get repossessed and eventually had to go into bankruptcy.


4.It was hiding.


An iPad. I didn't go online a whole lot then, I don't play games, idk where my intentions were. Then I misplaced it. Like, I was questioning if my mom or I sold it without remembering. 4 years. The iPad gone 4 years. I just wished I'd remembered why I sold it & what did I buy instead?

Yea, no. It was next to my chair wedged between the wall. Super critical purchase, obviously. Gave the rediscover one to my mom since hers was used to death.

Asked where I found it, told her. She's like, you're such a responsible shopper, the thought that goes into your large purchases, I could learn something.

Well, reminded her I bought hers too and hate how much she uses it...shame if they both went back into the abyss.



My mom got me and my two older brothers Pokémon cards from the farmers market. They both got blastioises (a very rare card) I got a charizard, (an even rarer card) they both convinced me blastoise was better so the next day I traded my charizard for a blastoise at school. My brothers laughed at what an idiotic trade that was. I cried. The next day I went back to school to talk to the kid and get my charizard back. He moved to another state.

My whole life is in shambles now.



When I was around 15, I wasted a lot on Adobe products which I barely used. I never clicked much pictures and actually had no interest in the photoshop stuff. The only product I used was Illustrator for UI/UX design. I almost wasted $2000.


1.That's a lot of stuffed animals.


Crane game currency. Had an addiction to winning prizes from an app. Spent over $1000.