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Pro-Trump C-SPAN Caller Says Trump's Accomplishments Are 'Far Greater' Than Lincoln Freeing The Slaves

Despite over half the country believing President Trump should be impeached and removed from office, there are still many Republicans in America who are behind the Donald 100%.

One of them called into C-SPAN on December 4 and made quite the outrageous claim.

President Trump's actions are "far greater" than Abraham Lincoln freeing the slaves.

Even if you believe Trump has done good, to compare his actions to freeing the American slaves, one of the most significant acts in US history, is absolutely crazy.

The caller said:

"Lincoln only freed the slaves. Yes, that's a big thing. But what Trump is doing is far greater."

Many thought there was one particularly telling moment.

If the Civil War were happening today, whose side would Trump be on?

This man on C-SPAN isn't an anomaly, however.

A recent poll found that 53% of registered Republicans believed Trump is a better President than Abraham Lincoln.

Many used this opportunity to point out that Lincoln's political views were liberal for their time and that the Republican party was founded as a left-wing alternative to the Democrats and the Whigs.

In one way, the caller was absolutely right: Trump and Lincoln's accomplishments are completely different.

Of course, that didn't stop many people from reacting with shock at his earnest belief.

Hopefully Trump can live up to the belief his supporters have in him...though it seems unlikely.