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Doctors Rock Bikinis To Protest Misogynistic Study Calling Surgeons Who Wear Them 'Unprofessional'


Misogyny exists across all industries, as it is deeply ingrained in society.

One of the most overt ways we are misogynistic in contemporary society is judging women's bodies. Some of those ways are a bit more subtle, such as editors tightening up women's bodies in magazines; other are more overt, such as calling women who dress a certain way names.

The Journal Of Vascular Surgery published a piece that policed the conduct of young vascular surgeons, particularly women, entitled "Prevalence Of Unprofessional Social Media Content Among Young Vascular Surgeons," which called out doctors for "provocative posing in bikinis/swimwear" and "holding/consuming alcohol."

In response, the hashtag #MedBikini started trending on Twitter.

Since doctors are people, they generally wear bikinis and drink alcohol sometimes.

Aside from the general ickiness of the study, professionals are pointing out some more disturbing ethical problems with this "peer reviewed" study, such as that three men created fake social media accounts to spy on people and produce these results.

In response, the journal retracted the piece.

The piece started an internet-wide conversation about the misogyny embedded in the medical community.

Bikini on, doctors!

And thank you for your service.