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People Divulge The One Thing They Never Told Their Ex

Reddit user zammy888 asked: 'What’s the one thing you never told your ex?'

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When you finally make a love connection that you feel is right, you can be comfortable enough to talk about anything.

After all, communication is key to successful relationships. Sometimes, however, it's best not to reveal truths as long as withholding the specific information won't be damaging in the long run.

Thanks to Reddit, now it can told under the guise of anonymity.

Redditor zammy888 provided strangers an opportunity to lift their burden by asking:

"What’s the one thing you never told your ex?"

Let's keep things civil.

Infidelity Strikes

"That I know damn well she cheated on me."

"Edit to add: I never told her because it would have benefited no one. As a result, we had an amicable divorce."

– Primary_Difficulty19

"It sounds harsh, but I would have loved to have talked with my ex about how neither of us really loved the other, but were both in love with the idea of each other, and that really f'ked our relationship up, from day 1, and honestly I should have never tried to rely on her to fix my own pre-existing issues. I'm genuinely sorry I put her through that."

– SarahphimArt

Scandalous Leak

"I know she faked an 'emergency' phone call and left my apartment in a hurry one night because she had sharted herself. Unbeknownst to her there was some trace evidence left where she was sitting on the couch. I cleaned the spot, flipped the cushion, and I never let on that I knew what had really happened."

– ForayIntoFillyloo

Prized Possession

"That I accidentally dropped his Ducati on its side. Obviously I couldn’t pick it up, I was panicking and called a neighbor for help and both of us were able to pick it up. Thankfully nothing happened to the motorcycle. No scratches or anything.. but if my ex knew, he’d have a fit lmao."

– Bingbingdaddy

Hygienic Complaint

"That his breath stank , (I had to remind him daily to brush his teeth)"

– Successful-Score4493

"Are you sure he didn't have a condition like tonsil stones or something? The majority of severe bad breath, AKA 'stank,' is a health condition like mouth breathing at night or more serious oral conditions. Hell, diabetes can make people smell bad and their breath bad."

– dumbestsmartest

Harsh Critique

"I hate that blue polo shirt so much."

– SailorVenus23

Kindness matters.

Returned To Sender

"The heartfelt letter she wrote to her dying bff was returned bc she put the wrong address. He passed away while the letter was en-route back to her. I threw it in the trash."

– sacris5

Tragic News

"She had a lovebird. it managed to get out the door, we spent weeks walking the neighbour's hood, putting up posters and scouring lost and found ads. unfortunately, within an a few hours of the first round of lost posters being distributed, I got a call (on her phone, she was in shower) from a woman who witnessed poor Lovebird being predated by crows."

"I went out to 'buy cigarettes', but actually went to the area where this was observed. I found a lot of little blue feathers. she was already heartbroken at the loss. I felt this news, this soon into the search would have crushed her."

– Foxwasahero

Coulda Woulda Shoulda

"How sorry I am for how things happened, I wish them well."

– Massive-Ad7628

"I couldn't handle the distance and was financially trapped. I should stop and bury it, it's been months, but the more I meet people the more she stands out as someone who genuinely cared."

"My life was a mess that I didn't pick up in time and I'm still working on it. I left my soul in Colorado. Somewhere on a snowy mountain, on a picnic blanket."

– falcurion

At the risk of coming off as judgy, these Redditors chose to be tight-lipped.

The Aspiring Writer

"That her passion and goals for her writing career did not match her talent and dedication in actually trying to achieve them."

– Gullible_Criticism39

"This one hits home. I couldn’t stomach telling her that her dreams weren’t realistic. Even when she left me to go to grad school to try and achieve them. And I was right. But she married her TA from grad school and became his assistant. It wasn’t her dream but hopefully has made her happy."

– Easter_1916

Hygiene Ritual

"That it isn’t normal for him (18) and his sister (23) to shower together on a regular basis…. And no it was not to preserve water because they were loaded af."

– julesthereader

Bad Taste

"Her chili sucked."

– StandOutLikeDogBalls

"I’ll never understand not telling your partner when their food sucks a**. I’m glad my boyfriend tells me if my food sucks. It doesn’t hurt, it just helps me fix it and make sure the food is good enough for both of us to enjoy."

– Tlingits

"Though he had aspirations of being a chef, his cooking was mediocre at best."

"Also, that he lost his Mexican card when he tried to fix my couch with a fork....a FORK. (And before y'all come for me, I'm very much a Latina)."

– wandering_alphabet

I didn't have it in my heart to tell my ex that I pretty much broke things off in the early stages of dating because he was a bad kisser.

Yeah, I know, it's shallow. But if there were no fireworks from lip-locking, there was not way I was going to enjoy anything else that might have physically progressed from there.

So much for kiss and tell.