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Denise Richards Slams Troll For Wishing Her Harm After She Was Shot At In Road Rage Incident

The 'Wild Things' star and her husband Aaron Phypers were shot at on Monday during an apparent road rage incident.

Denise Richards
Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

On Monday, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Denise Richards and her husband Aaron Phypers were involved in a terrifying road rage incident in which the couple's car was hit by a bullet.

A troll on twitter responded to the news:

"Don't care kinda hope she would have taken a grazing shot to the neck honestly."

The tweet was deleted, but not before Richards caught wind of it.

The Wild Things star addressed the hate:

"Thank you. I would never wish any harm on anyone."
"What I experienced yesterday with my husband, not that you care."
"Was the most terrifying situation I have every been in."
"I'm sorry a shot didn't graze my neck...a**hole."


Fans on Twitter rushed to defend Richards, as well as to share their thoughts on gun violence.

According to US Weekly, Richards and Phypers were on their way to a studio in LA. A driver behind them became irritated with Phypers' slow driving speed. When Phypers allowed the car to pass, the driver of that car shot at their vehicle on the back left side.

Upon reaching their destination, a crew member from the set of Richards' upcoming film Angels Fallen: Warriors of Peace called authorities.

We're so glad the couple is ok and that the insensitive and hateful tweet was reported and deleted.