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A Painfully Stereotypical 'SNL' Skit About Nerd Culture Has DnD Players Sharing Selfies Of What A Modern Nerd Actually Looks Like

Sometimes Saturday Night Live can perfectly capture the behaviors of real people out in the world. This is not one of those times.

This past Saturday, SNL aired a painfully stereotypical sketch about three D&D playing nerds that feels straight out of a bygone era of nerd-culture.

In response to the sketch (which didn't seem to go over that well with anyone, including the studio audience), Twitter user @nicterhorst decided to show the world what being a modern D&D nerd actually looks like.

It turns out being a nerd actually looks pretty good nowadays.

Dungeons & Dragons players everywhere responded with their selfies!

In our modern age, people of all different kinds enjoy role playing games like D&D.

These players look pretty rad!

It seems SNL missed the mark in a pretty dramatic way...

Next time, before SNL writes a character sketch, they'd better make sure their take is a fresh one.

Thanks for posting your selfies, adventurers. You all look great—excelsior!