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Viral Video Of CVS Pharmacy Worker Filling A Prescription With Her Bare Hands Sparks Outrage

Viral Video Of CVS Pharmacy Worker Filling A Prescription With Her Bare Hands Sparks Outrage

Is that sanitary?

A recent video going viral on TikTok is sparking major outrage after TikTok user @jessica.lasirena posted footage on her page showing a CVS worker allegedly filling her prescription sans any proper, protective gear.


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Jessica's video of the incident has nearly 25 million views, 38,000 comments and over 32,000 shares as of Friday morning.

In the video, the pharmacist can be seen handling prescription pills without wearing gloves.

In the caption on the video, Jessica claims the woman went from handling cash at the drive-thru window of the pharmacy straight to filling the prescription.





The behavior was apparently the "final straw" for Jessica, according to the video.

Many have taken to the comments section to echo Jessica's sentiments of anger at the mishandling—no pun intended—of the situation. In the caption of the video, Jessica goes on to say that it has been "one thing after another" with the retail/pharmaceutical giant.

Upon posting the video to her TikTok page, the comments section was abuzz with fellow CVS customers recounting their own horrific run-ins with the company. Many others were quick to chime in and point out no one, gloved or not, should be handling pills.

One user was also quick to comment they were unsure if the pharmacist was even counting the pills based on the apparent carelessness evident in the video.





In response to one comment left on Jessica's video which read, "please tell me [they] said something to her," Jessica posted an update video to keep viewers up to date on how the story unfolded.

Jessica reported to her viewers when it came time for her to pick up her prescription she expressed her concerns to the woman helping her check out, citing she had seen the pharmacist handle pills incorrectly as she waited in line and asked the prescription be re-bottled properly.


According to Jessica, "There was no yelling and I stayed calm. I wasn’t coming for her, I just wanted it done right," and the woman she informed of this issue re-bottled the prescription herself.

In a comment to the Daily Dot, a spokesperson for CVS said, "We have policies in place to support patient and colleague safety in the filling and dispensing of prescriptions at our pharmacies, and we’ll be reinforcing the importance of following these policies with our team members."