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Ted Cruz Roasted Hard After Asking Why Pete Davidson 'Gets All Of These Hot Women'

Ted Cruz Roasted Hard After Asking Why Pete Davidson 'Gets All Of These Hot Women'
Verdict/Twitter; Gotham/Getty Images

During a podcast episode with host Michael Knowles, Texas Republucan Senator Ted Cruz couldn't wrap his head around SNL star Pete Davidson's dating history and how he "gets all of these, like, hot women."

A question was posed to the cohosts by a listener about "toxic femininity."

Cruz addressed commentary surrounding Jada Pinkett Smith, Amber Heard and Kim Kardashian, reflecting on recent events that have put their names in the news.

Watch the video below:

Coming off the topic of Kim Kardashian, Knowles said:

"The SNL guy, I can't ... I don't know. I'm team Kanye. What can I say?"

Cruz answered:

" Pete Davidson ... How come that dude gets all of these, like, hot women?"

Cruz's response was unappreciated by many.

One person tweeted:

"Pete Davidson is a loving, caring individual, with a heart, unlike you, Ted Cruz."
"You only care about yourself, have no interest in helping the American people."
"You are self-serving & care only about advancing your own interests over the needs of Americans."

Someone else tweeted:

"This is where we are at here in America."
"Cowardly US Senator @tedcruz goes on podcasts talking about his jealousy for Pete Davidson's love life."
"This is what we pay him for?"

Another person wrote:

"Apparently, 'toxic femininity' means 'wah, girls don’t like me because I think they should be handmaidens'."
"Pete Davidson knows how to make a woman laugh."
"How Ted Cruz managed to get himself a wife is beyond me."

Cruz continued, saying:

"Pete Davidson was dating Kate Beckinsdale."
"I mean you're talking Underworld."
"You're talking like super hot vampire in black leather trench coat, and you're like really? The SNL dude? Like wow."

The comedian, now seeing Kim Kardashian, has been involved with Ariana Grande, Phoebe Dynevor, Kate Beckinsale, Cazzie David and now a Kardashian.

Many joked about Cruz's question.

One person wrote:

"On a podcast, Ted Cruz wondered how Pete Davidson 'gets all these, like, hot women.'"
"The answer: by not being Ted Cruz."
"Here's Ted, surrounded by all the gals who just can't get enough of his steamy Dad jeans love-stuff ..."

This person wrote:

"[I]n some ways i am happy to know pete davidson lives rent free in ted cruz's mind too."

While Cruz attempted to bash the comedian, viewers and listeners made sure to clear up any confusion he had about Davidson.