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Twitter User Roasted After Confusing Hugh Grant For Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair

Jeff Spicer/Getty Images; Henry Nicholls - WPA Pool/Getty Images

You may remember the iconic movie Love Actually, where Hugh Grant played the Prime Minister in a comical and romantic Christmas tale.

Well, someone made the unfortunate mistake of confusing Grant for actual former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

We wouldn't say the two look similar but Grant did make a pretty convincing British leader.

It all began with a Twitter user named Sophie (@Soph1efazz) who tweeted an image of Grant from the film standing outside Number 10 and waxing nostalgic about how well the film's character would have treated Britains.

Sophie captioned the image:

"He would’ve never treated us like this."

The tweet went viral with over 94.3 thousand likes and with most people recognizing the actor.

However, one Twitter user, Natalia (@NataliaAlGhoul), did not realize this was not Tony Blair.

Natalia replied:

"Iraq says hi."

As good of an actor as Hugh Grant is, he certainly did not invade Iraq.

Though Natalia corrected herself, the rest of the internet caught wind of the mix up and wasted no time.

Babalola (@BeeBabs) took screenshots and tweeted it out to her 116.4 thousand followers.

Twitter could not get enough of this hilarious mix up.

Natalia was totally roasted.

Natalia may be embarrassed but she's taking it in stride.

She even took the time to apologize to Grant about mistaking him for Blair.

Natalia tweeted:

“Sorry for saying you invaded Iraq. I thought the photo was Tony Blair."

Grant hasn't replied to her tweet just yet.

Hopefully this will give her enough time to re-watch Love Actually before then.