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Woman's Complaint To Cards Against Humanity Gets The Ultimate Response 😂

Woman's Complaint To Cards Against Humanity Gets The Ultimate Response  😂

During Pride 2018, Cards Against Humanity, the "party game for horrible people" continued their trend of being not-so-horrible by selling a "Pride Pack" edition, which was supposed to be packed to the brim with glitter. One player, Kait Johnson, was especially excited to receive her glitter-bomb pack of cards, but the product proved to be so popular that the company had run out of glitter by the time she received hers.

*Warning: this article contains explicit language*

Johnson was pretty disappointed, especially considering how much she enjoys the game:

I play cards against humanity all the time I love it so much. My friends and I all have sick senses of humor so it's always a fun time!

She decided to email the company's customer services to see whether they might be able to remedy the problem.

Cards Against Humanity were more than happy to make Johnson's dream come true.

Before long, Johnson received a mysterious envelope in the mail...

It turns out Cards Against Humanity was more than willing to make things right.

Now, Johnson will never be able to rid her life of glitter.

The company really went above and beyond to correct their oversight.

But Johnson was a little less than impressed. As a joke, she challenged Cards Against Humanity to go big or go home.

This was a mistake.

Oh no...


Johnson sent another email to the company, apologizing for ever doubting them.

No apologies were necessary. It's clear who caused this situation.

Twitter loved the entire joking exchange!

Be careful what you wish for! It might just come true.

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