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A Company Just Announced the First-Ever Luxury Space Hotel


Many hotels have a claim to fame. There's a hotel where giraffes eat breakfast with the customers, one that's in the middle of the rainforest, and another that's built inside a solid block of ice each year before melting with the spring thaw. But there's something no hotel on earth can lay claim to: zero-gravity sleeping quarters. Orion Span, a startup based in Houston Texas, is planning to launch a space station that doubles as luxury hotel!

No other hotels look like this one.

The company plans to launch their hotel in 2021, with guests welcomed aboard in 2022.

Visiting comes with a steep price-tag, however, both financial and figurative. Waitlists for the first trip are now open, and it costs $80,000 just to reserve a spot in line. If you get a seat on the shuttle, your stay will last 12 days and set you back a cool $9.5 million dollars, coming in at $792k a don't even think about hitting the minibar.

And taking this vacation won't be quite as simple as going through a TSA checkpoint. Before their journey to the stars, guests will undergo three years of training to make sure they're prepared.

But it all might just be worth it for this view...

Of course, your rooms won't be very spacious despite the large fee.

Consider Twitter on board! That is, as soon as they can save up some extra pocket change.

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