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TV Commentator Fired After Making Blatantly Racist Remark About South Korean Table Tennis Player

Steph Chambers/Getty Images

A Greek television sports commentator was fired after he made a racist comment about a South Korean Olympic table tennis player during an on-air broadcast hosted by the nation's state-run network.

The Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation, or ERT as it's commonly known, decided to sever ties with longtime sports journalist Dimosthenis Karmiris after he offered a blatantly racist response to his fellow commentator's question.

While watching a table tennis match between South Korea's Jeoung Youngsik and Greece's Panagiotis Gionis, Karmiris' colleague asked him for his take on the impressive skill of South Korea's table tennis team.

In response, Karmiris gave the following problematic take:

"...their eyes are narrow so I can't understand how they can see the ball moving back and forth."

Following the on-air faux pas, ERT posted a statement on its website announcing they had let Karmiris go.

They also denounced his comment.

According to the Huffington Post, who translated the message, the statement was clear as day.

"Racist comments have no place on public television."
"The collaboration between ERT and Dimosthenis Karmiris was terminated today, immediately after the morning show."

As for Twitter, people had plenty to say about the racist moment.

Though Jeoung Youngsik ended up winning the match, he went on to lose in the next round.