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WATCH: Colombian 'Sex Island' Ad Pulled From YouTube

WATCH: Colombian 'Sex Island' Ad Pulled From YouTube

YouTube recently pulled a video advertisement for a Colombian company offering a sex-and-drugs-filled island holiday.

Good Girl Company is known for its risqué offerings, which have included prostitution services in the past. While prostitution is legal in Colombia, pimping is not. So the holiday offerings appear to be in a bit of legal gray area.

Despite the interest in the company's upcoming island getaway off the coast of Cartagena, Colombia, the video advertisement for the "sex island experience" proved to be a bit too much for YouTube.

The ad features various scantily-clad women on a boat, offering the chance to be one of 30 men among 60 prostitutes. The all-inclusive trip also promises "unlimited sex," "free alcohol," and purports to be "drug friendly."

Here's a shorter, heavily-censored version:

An uncensored version can be viewed here.

The vacation, which is three days and four nights at the end of November, is currently still for sale on Good Girl Company's website for just $5,000. What a deal!

There's even a full itinerary, which includes an orgy on the first day, a private orgy with 16 girls at once on day two, and luxury yacht parties on the final two days.

According to the website, "Each ticket includes the company of two girls each day for unlimited amounts of sex during the four days of the event. At any moment you can switch girls with the other 30 guests."

So gather all your friends:

It's time to get some STDs!...err...have some fun!

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