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CNN Reporter Freaks Out After Realizing A Cicada Is Crawling On Him During Capitol Hill Shot


CNN's Manu Raju got a really gross surprise during a broadcast, courtesy of the decade that never stops sending us the worst possible things to deal with year-by-year.

Raju was getting ready to do a live shot from the Capitol when he felt a very very large cicada crawling on the back of his neck.

He pulled it off with a string of expletives that honestly, we can't blame him for.

What we can't help but ask is: why did nobody tell Raju that the cicada was crawling up toward his face in the first few seconds of the clip before it crawled onto the back of his neck?

Cicadas spend the first 17 years of their lives underground, but after that, they emerge to breed and lay eggs.

They're infamous for their croak-like screaming sounds that can travel long distances. This particular group of Cicadas are called "Brood X," and are endemic to the Eastern United States.

The last time they emerged was in 2004.

Honestly, Raju was more professional than we would have been if we felt a giant bug crawling on our back.

Happy 17-year-cicada year to everybody who most certainly does not want to celebrate.