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65-Year-Old Florida Woman Clubs An Alleged Attacker In The Head With A Metal Baseball Bat

Clarese Gainey, a 65-year-old woman from Gainesville, Florida, is gaining the respect and admiration of people everywhere after taking on a large, half-naked robber single-handed with only a metal baseball bat for protection.

Gainey reportedly looked out her window early Sunday morning to see Antonio Mosley, 5'6", 300 pounds, and wearing only boxers, yanking at her car door, trying to get in.

She prepared herself:

"I grab my bat, I brace myself, and I ease the door open."

Mosley then reportedly charged her, but wasn't prepared for Gainey to respond in kind:

"I took that bat and hit him upside the head like 'pi-yah!' He said 'Ow!'"

Mosley then fled to a nearby trailer park, where he was discovered by tracking dogs shortly thereafter in a new pair of pants with cocaine in his pocket.

Police brought Mosley back to Gainey to be identified. She was easily able to recognize both his face and the dent from her trusty bat.

Mosley is currently in custody at the Alachua County Jail for two counts of burglary and drug possession.

He should ultimately be thankful—things could have turned out a lot worse for him, according to Gainey:

"He better be glad I didn't have a gun. Because I would have shot him. But this is my gun right here (baseball bat). Because I gone 'Pi-yow!'"

Twitter immediately fell in love with Gainey for her spirit and gumption!

To stop crime in its tracks, everyone needs a bat ASAP!

Gainey is the real superhero we all need in our lives.

PIE-YOW should be the new punch sound in all our minds.

Well done, Ms. Gainey, we hope you don't have to defend yourself again anytime soon.

But, if you do, we know you're up to the task. PIE-YOW!