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Singer Chlöe Bailey Hits Back After Facing Criticism For Posting Topless Photo On Twitter

The 'Have Mercy' singer is encouraging fans to 'celebrate' everyone's bodies.

Chlöe Bailey
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

On Tuesday, singer Chlöe Bailey posted a photo on Twitter that ignited some criticism.

In the picture, Bailey is topless, covering her chest with her arm.

The "Have Mercy" singer captioned the post:

"You can have this for the night or for your life."

Bailey replied to criticism by encouraging everyone to "celebrate ourselves."

She also responded directly to some.

Bailey's fans were there for it.

Bailey has previously shared her views on self love:

"We can love ourselves as much as we want to love someone else."
"In most relationships, you express love through sex. Why can't you do that with yourself and love yourself?"
"Why can't you be sexy for yourself?
“Be in a relationship with yourself. That’s what self-love is.”