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Chelsea Clinton Tells Stephen Colbert That Her Friendship With Ivanka Trump Is Over

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Chelsea Clinton opened up about her strained friendship with First Daughter and White House Senior Adviser Ivanka Trump.

On Monday night, Chelsea Clinton appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and spoke about her relationship with Ivanka Trump and how different their roles as First Daughters turned out to be. "Clinton said Ivanka Trump, in her role as a White House adviser to the president, is fair game for criticism," wrote the Huffington Post.

Notably, Clinton referenced a recent interview in which Trump was asked to share her thoughts on the dozens of sexual assault allegations against her father. "I think it's a pretty inappropriate question to ask a daughter if she believes the accusers of her father when he's affirmatively stated that there's no truth to it," Trump said. Clinton was constantly berated about President Bill Clinton's alleged sexual misdoings while he was in office.

The difference, however, is that Clinton was never a member of her father's staff.


But Clinton disagreed with Trump's assertion.

"I think anyone who works for the president certainly should expect to be scrutinized for whatever decisions not only he or she is making, but whatever decisions the White House is making on any given day," Clinton told Colbert. "It's clear that she has supported policies and decisions that I don't agree with and I've been very vocal about my opposition to President Trump." Clinton went on to describe the Trump administration as "the collision of incompetence and cruelty."

Many people agreed with Clinton's assessment of Trump's role and what is "fair game," according to the Twitterverse.

For starters, it's not a stretch of the imagination to that "if a President Clinton had Chelsea Clinton in the role that President Trump has chosen for Ivanka, Republicans wouldn't like it — at all," wrote Jay Nordlinger.


"Imagine what the republican response would be if Chelsa Clinton's husband could not get security clearance from the FBI but was still getting unlimited access to Top Secret Intel."


Wyckham Seelig questioned if Trump's role within her father's administration is "an indication of how small is the number of people that President Trump believes he can trust? And with the media wildly baying from all sides, who could blame him?"


Comparing the two First Daughters is rather spurious, considering the age differences between the two in each of their parents' respective presidencies. Clinton was a teenager, and Trump is an adult with considerably more life experience. "Considering that Chelsea was only 12 or 13 at this point in President Clinton's first term, I'd say that the criticism would have been justified," Rob Dakin pointed out.