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Video Captures Robber Returning Cash To Woman After Seeing Her Account Balance


We stan this robber because we, too, are this broke woman.

In footage from CCTV, video inside an ATM in Heyuan City, China, shows a robber immediately feeling remorse once he catches a glimpse of the woman he's robbing's bank balance.

So remorseful, in fact, that he immediately hands the money back to her.

Watch the footage here.

Robber returns money to woman after seeing her bank account was empty

Um, what?

Is this 2019 Robin Hood or something?

The amount of money he was about to take from the woman, after threatening her with a knife, was around $374 USD. Supposedly, this was all the woman had.

Sympathetically, he hands it back and walks away.

The woman, clearly confused, just watches him leave.

After the incident, the robber was arrested by police.

According to a news report from Sohu, the man revealed that he had expended most of his own money on surgery and on education for his kids. He only wanted to make a single robbery attempt in order to cover all of his living expenses--perhaps not anticipating the camera, since his face was clearly visible throughout the entire video.

He said he returned the money to the woman when he saw her bank account could not generate any more money for him.

It's 2019. Millennials are broke.

We truly feel this.

We know this likely won't be the case every time somebody gets robbed.

So if a robber approaches you at an ATM, just give him your money.

Nothing is worth your life.