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Cardi B Claps All The Way Back After Biphobic Post Calls Her Out For Never Dating A Woman

Cardi B Claps All The Way Back After Biphobic Post Calls Her Out For Never Dating A Woman
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Cardi B will not have any biphobic nonsense on her timeline. Even when it’s just some rando making a strange, unverifiable claim.

A post—from a Twitter account that routinely changes the display name for account @Thelightiscumin created July 2022—tried to call out celebrities who are bisexual but “never dated someone of the same gender.”

The account is based in Toronto according to their bio which includes only "Ariana forever 💜" as a description. A scroll through their Twitter posts shows they make a habit of attacking celebrities, often for not meeting their personal standards for identifying as LGBTQ+.

This bi-erasure post—shared with the accounts 580 followers—missed the basic idea of bisexuality. It was called out by many people for its failure in logic.

But none was so savage in their response as Cardi B.


The original tweet tries to imply many of these celebrities that claim to be bisexual, aren’t. They share the men that Lady Gaga and Cardi B have publicly dated and accused Cardi of queerbaiting.

When called out for not dating someone of the same gender as far as the random Twitter user was concerned, Cardi B made a really easy point.

She said:

“I ate b**ches out before you was born .....Sorry I don’t have razr phone pics to prove it to you 😅😅

Which made a lot of people cheer.

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The original post pushed a biphobic argument that if you aren’t actively dating someone of the same gender, you aren’t queer. This especially hurts bisexual people who often are insulted for being in a seemingly heternormative relationship.

This type of thinking doesn’t just lead to bi-erasure, but also has the unfortunate side effect of implying if you aren’t in a relationship, you don't have a valid sexuality.

It’s a ridiculous notion, but it often pops up online.

The tweet from Cardi B was shared around online until making its way to Instagram.

There people were grateful for the words from the rapper.

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Cardi is not afraid to take a stand in support of herself and others.

She’s often had to defend herself from biphobic comments, but also is willing to call out others.

This includes homophobic comments, which she will not tolerate.