Estate agent Asif Ali said "instinct kicked in" when he discovered a man clad all in black in his home Tuesday night.

Instead of running, Ali's instincts told him to fight when he came upon the intruder standing in his hallway.

He landed several blows on the man before forcing him back out the door.

The attempted robbery took place at about 9:15 pm on September 24 in Bamford, Greater Manchester, England. Ali credits his dog's with alerting him to the intruders.

"I was on a business call when I heard the dogs barking really aggresively. I went to see what was going on and there was someone standing there dressed head-to-toe in black."

It was then that the fight between Ali and the intruder began, but it wouldn't end for several minutes.

"He threw a punch at me and we started to fight. I didn't know what I was doing. Instinct just kicked in—I [was] just trying to get him out of the house."

Ali was thinking mostly of protecting his wife, who was in bed on the second floor when the break-in happened.

"A second man came in and I thought he was trying to get upstairs where my wife was. I didn't want them anywhere near my wife."

Asif forced all of the assailants out of the house, but things were still far from over.

Instead of running away, one of them went after Asif with a weapon.

"I got them outside, but they were pulling at the door, then one of them pulled out what looked like a knife, but the police think it might have been a screwdriver."
"He said 'I'm going to kill you'. He started to walk back towards me."

This didn't deter Ali, though. He simply ran into the kitchen and armed himself with what was to hand.

"I ran back inside and grabbed a couple of kitchen knives and chased them back out."

He has chosen to release the CCTV footage of the incident in an attempt to find the robbers who broke into his obviously occupied home.

"They knew we were home. The lights were on, the cars were on the drive, the doors were open, and they've come into our home armed, knowing there were people inside, knowing there would likely be a confrontation and knowing they would cause some damage."

Social media reactions to the footage largely praise Asif's brave and decisive action.

"Wow. The brass balls on that guy. We can all act tough from our keyboards but d*mn that man stood up." -ShadowLeagueMVP
"Good on him, imagine how scary that was..." - MarcelSSJ4
"Great dodge at the beginning, he knew when to duck and weave properly and slammed him with a haymaker in the side of the head and then used the space to block the other guy out. It feels like an action scene out of a John Wick movie. Kudos to this guy he was ready to go at a moments notice." -Bertrum

Ali wants to make sure nobody else suffers the same experience at the hands of the group of robbers.

He is offering a reward of £5000 to anyone who has information that leads to the capture of the robbers.

"Someone out there knows who these people are. They need to be caught before they do it again."

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