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Fox News Host Lashes Out At 6th Grader Who Said Biden Handled Schools Reopening Better Than Trump Would've

Fox News

Fox News is well known for its support for former President Donald Trump.

This support extends even to the point where host Brian Kilmeade, holding an interview with several children, felt the need to push back when one of the children said he was glad Biden is now President.

Kilmeade asked the students how they felt about virtual learning.

One student, 6th grader Mason Seder, responded by saying:

"I miss, most obviously, seeing my friends and all the after-school activities that I have done. And I think that we're very, very close getting back to school."
"And I think that the way that our new President is handling things is a very good way and we would not have gone to this if it were still the last President."

Kilmeade couldn't help but reply:

"Really? That's hard to believe because the last President was saying I want every kid back in school."

Twitter backed up Seder's opinion, pointing out Donald Trump "wanting" schools to reopen doesn't actually help anything.

The other children on camera seemed to agree with what Seder was saying.

Twitter mercilessly mocked Kilmeade for contradicting the children who have actually experienced virtual learning.

Kilmeade can't even let a child express support for President Biden without pushing back.

Being a hard-hitting journalist sometimes means arguing with a child about whether or not things are good for them right now.

At least at Fox News it does.

Brian Kilmeade doesn't often go viral...but when he does you can be sure it's because he did something embarassing.

This time was no exception.