Bradley Whitford Slams 'Rational Republicans' As The 'Fakest' Thing About 'The West Wing'

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The West Wing was an American political drama that ran from 1999 to 2006.

The show gave a fictitious look at daily life in the federal government as the administration tackled political issues.

The show was extra fictitious if you were to ask Bradley Whitford, who was a series regular for all seven seasons. Whitford told Buzzfeed on their AM2DM show that the most fake thing about the series was "rational Republicans".

You can see the interview below.

Whitford, who recently won an Emmy for his role as Commander Joseph Lawrence in Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale, was a little shy about sharing his opinion.

When asked about how The West Wing would be different if made today he giggles a little before saying:

"The fakest thing about that show was that we had rational Republicans."
"That's a creature that used to exist."

Which considering the current state of politics, isn't the most inaccurate statement in the world.

He goes on to say that the current political climate is so much different from when the show came out, there's no way it could be the same.

"Unfortunately, because somehow we've gotten to this place where if we don't agree politically it's not just that we don't agree politically, it's that the other person is insane."
"I'm guilty of that kind of thinking."

Whitford's comments had a lot of people nodding in agreement.

However, some think he's being a little revisionist. After all, The West Wing was seen as such a liberal fantasy that it used to have the nickname The Left Wing.

It also existed in a world where people thought zippy one liners and rational evidence could shut down a disagreement. It posited the idea that our government officials were very rational, even though it aired while our government was ramping up for the ill-fated Iraq war.

The West Wing was good television, and we could hope for worst fantasies for our leaders. But it's still just as fictional and unrealistic as Game of Thrones.

Basically, there's no reason the show couldn't come back today.

(Aaron Sorkin, if you're reading, I'm a big fan. Please bring it back.)

The interview with AM2DM continued, asking Whitford who his character Josh Lyman would support in the upcoming election.

He believes Josh would be very 'pragmatic' and support Pete Buttigieg in the primary.

"I think Josh would be one of those people that want to strengthen Obamacare, get a public option in."

That doesn't mean it's who he genuinely wants.

Whitford speculates that if not for his pragmaticism...

"I think he'd like Elizabeth Warren a lot."

Which has people wondering what characters would say about the current primaries.

Bradley Whitford may have let his own political views slip in this interview. Earlier this year, he hosted a fundraiser for Buttigieg.

Does this mean he actually supports Warren?

Who can say?

Whitford is producing and starring in the new NBC comedy Perfect Harmony. The musical series is about a choir group of misfits in a small town, and premieres September 26th, 2019.

You can get The West Wing complete series here.


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