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Hugh Grant Drags Boris Johnson's Cringey Parody Of 'Love Actually' Notecard Scene For Its Glaring Omission

Hugh Grant Drags Boris Johnson's Cringey Parody Of 'Love Actually' Notecard Scene For Its Glaring Omission

The United Kingdom is holding a general election on Thursday, December 12, during which both Jeremy Corbin's Labour Party and Boris Johnson's Coservatives hope to win a majority and control the future of Brexit.

The two parties are going to great lengths to make their cases to U.K. voters.

Boris Johnson (whose political brand often includes outlandish stunts and/or xenophobic rhetoric) even went so far as to produce a parody of a famous scene from the movie Love Actually.

Boris Johnson's funny Love Actually parody | Our final election

No one could deny the parody was well produced, but Hugh Grant, one of the actual stars of Love Actually, didn't care for Johnson's interpretation.

He pointed out there was one card Johnson had failed to recreate...

It seemed appropriate that Johnson, who began his political career writing often misleading or false stories about the European Union, couldn't hold up the card that said "at Christmas you tell the truth."

Twitter users offered up a little truth in the missing card's place.

Many felt they knew what would happen in Boris tried to hold a card of truth.

One thing's clear: Hugh Grant REALLY doesn't like Boris Johnson and the Tories.

While Boris's video encourages people to hold their nose and just "get it done," he conveniently fails to mention the many horrible things his Brexit would entail.

It was also quickly revealed that Johnson's Love Actually parody was created just after another was premiered by a Labour campaigner.

This isn't the only time Hugh Grant has put himself out there to defeat the Conservative Party. He recently went on a door-knocking spree, speaking with strangers about why they should vote Labour or Liberal Democrat.

We won't know whether Boris's video was successful until Thursday, December 12, when the U.K.'s general elections will either create a unified government or leave the nations with yet another hung parliament.

The film Love Actually is available here.