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Woman Stunned To Discover Cemetery Just Buried Another Body On Top Of Her Sister's Grave


A TikToker said she was at a "complete loss for words" after visiting the cemetery and discovering another body had been buried on top of her deceased sister.

Jessica Tawil, a.k.a. TikToker @jesstawil, posted a video showing that her sister's plot had fresh dirt on it.

"So I just came to the cemetery to visit my sister," she said, adding, "I can't."


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The video racked up over 4.4 million views as of Tuesday.

A follow-up video showed Tawil's father confronting a pair of women, presumed to be representatives from the cemetery, and demanding an explanation as to why another body is sharing his deceased daughter's grave.

One of the women told him:

"Every grave is different."

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"I own this one," said Tawil's father.

When the ladies confirmed he did indeed own the plot, he asked:

"How come you got money from someone to bury her above my daughter?"

In the overlaid text, Tawil explained the only way for someone to be buried on top of her sister would be to entail someone paying for a plot.

She wrote:

"They can only proceed with a burial upon receiving payment. The cemetery is denying that they accepted a payment for this."

Tawil also indicated the plot cost a total of $12,000.

In an attempt to diffuse the situation, one of the women said:

"So this is very emotionally charged. Let's go back to the office so we can speak to you intelligently."

Tawil explained the women had "absolutely no idea who is buried on top of her. They were beyond unprofessional and provided us with no answers."


She posted a second follow-up video showing the cemetery had removed everything, including the tiles that were on top of her sister's grave.


I’m at a loss for words. #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #islam #cemetery #mentalhealthawareness

"Everything's gone," she said.

"They tried to flatten everything out. I don't know if that person is under there," she said of the prior mystery addition to the plot.

"I'm not understanding."

Many TikTokers sympathized with Tawil's family and offered possible solutions in dealing with the distressing situation.









In many states—including Connecticut, North Carolina, and Florida—grave desecration is a felony and can incur penalties.

Tawil updated the thread and said the tiles were put back, however, they were "all clustered and on top of each other."

She explained the tiles were previously sealed into cement.