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Comedian Expertly Parodies Trump Supporters After MAGA Rallygoers Are Left Stranded In The Cold


After a recent rally in Omaha, Nebraska, hundreds of Trump supporters were left stranded in freezing temperatures due to buses caught in traffic on their way to pick them up.

The President flew off in his helicopter shortly after the rally ended, leaving his supporters to wait in the cold for buses to eventually arrive.

Multiple rally-goers were taken to the hospital with hypothermia.

Twitter comedian Blaire Erskine was quick to satirize the devotion so many Trump supporters have to a man who would leave them behind in the cold to freeze.

Twitter immediately sent the video viral, praising its incisive portrayal of Trump's most steadfast fans.

The video featured a plethora of quotable lines to laugh at.

The Trump era has certainly created fertile ground for many comedians...but they spend most of their energy trying to make sure this is his only term in office.

Erksine has posted countless satirical videos online, often posing as the daughter of a prominent Republican.

Critics of President Trump who like good comedy have become huge Erskine fans over the past several months.

Though President Trump may have left his supporters behind with no way to escape the cold, Blaire Erskine's fans can regularly enjoy her comedy from the warmth and comfort of their own homes.